Album picture of 2007 Tutti Successi

2007 Tutti Successi

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Toda Joia Toda Beleza Marcelo 04:05
Picture of You Lonny Run, The Galetto Band 03:15
Relax (Take It Easy) Mark More 03:49
Beautiful Liar Leti, Estbo 03:28
Un kilo Tonio 03:42
Stay Marina 04:15
Reach Up Tony Ray, The Gaietto Band 04:20
Parlami d'amore Diego Barbato 03:23
Rise Up Bobby Soul 04:22
Musica Di base 03:48
Say It Right Marta 03:51
Bruci la città Ester 03:39
C'est l'amour de ma vie Nawaim 03:39
Chissà se nevica Roby 04:11
I Think She Knows Roby T., The White Voice 03:47
Umbrella May Mary 04:42
Beautiful Girls Mark King 03:47
Giv a Lill Love Bobby Soul 04:12
E raffaella è mia Diego Barbato 03:19
Big Girls Don't Cry Mary Ann 03:55

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