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Film & TV (Episode 1)

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Bang Bang to the Rock 'N' Roll Gabin 04:16
Asteroids (Radio Edit) Dave Stiller 03:04
Painting Stars (Radio Edit) Red Box Lounge 03:51
Burn Down the Summer Vittoria And The Hyde Park 03:22
Last Day Suez Lights, Byron Williams Jr 04:05
The Sea of You Flabby 04:23
Somebody Better Bang Bang Land 03:35
You Like Torero (Vocal Radio Edit) Spankox, Patrizia d'Addario 02:51
Epilogue James and the Butcher 01:41
The Way I Do Vekonyz 03:11
Horror in the Mirror Fabio Cozzi 05:55
What Have I Become Deva Muse 04:41
Find Yourself Rayless 03:22
Roundabout (Main Theme) Govinda 03:47
Bon Voyage Salvatore Gebbia 04:53