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Buddha Lounge Ibiza Luxury 2017

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Killing Me Softly (Tower at Sea Lounge Mix) Pierpaolo Cricenti, Antonella Loconsole 03:56
Any Other Girl (Lounge Mix) Miki Zara, Fabio T., Wendy Lewis 04:56
Wonderful You (Acoustic Guitar Mix) Capodaglio, Caruso, Valenziano, Adam Clay 03:00
I Wanna Be Your Answer (Acoustic Mix) Alex Barattini, Nadine Rush 03:29
Someone Like You (D-Soriani Chilly Remix) Green Pine River 04:51
My Body and My Soul (Chill Mix) Gianrico Leoni, Daniele Soriani, Dario Dee 04:36
Heaven Right Here on Earth (Marihouse Mario Percali Chill out Remix) DJ Maci, Ty Le Blanc 05:38
Suddenly (D-Soriani Chilly Mix) Luca Facchini, Daniele Soriani 03:50
I Need You (Lounge Mix) Carlo Giannini 04:31
Where Is My Lover (D-Soriani Chilly Mix) Phunkee Beach, Adriana Salvadori 03:23
Around You (Acoustic Mix) Alex Barattini, Nieggman 02:45
Downtown (Chilly Mix) Airside Connection 03:29
Who You Are (Griso's 5 Am Chill) Roby Montano, Hector Manolo, Griso, Dhany 04:45
Mr. Right Now (Chill out Mix) Xela Nitarab 04:52
Sun's Rise (Lounge Version) Glory 02:50
My DJ Is a Zombie (Bellini DJ Lounge Mix) Bellini Dj 03:48
Smoke on the Water (Lounge Mix) Guitar Maniacs 03:23
Promiseland Beautiful Air 04:32
Underwater Manyus Joan Eta 06:13
Mr. Stranger (D-Soriani Jazzy Mix) Daniele Soriani 03:27

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