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5 Years of Ophelia

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

Pantheon Blastoyz, Dimibo, Jason Ross, Kill The Noise 05:01
First Time (feat. Dylan Matthew) Seven Lions, SLANDER, Dabin, Dylan Matthew 04:57
One More Day (with Chandler Leighton) Jason Ross, Blanke, Chandler Leighton 04:32
Stop Thinking (feat. Lights) Seven Lions, Lights 04:52
Shadows Seven Lions, Wooli, Amidy 04:30
Love Like Us (feat. RUNN) Last Heroes, RUNN 03:54
Try (feat. RØRY) Mitis, RØRY 04:12
One That Got Away (with Dylan Matthew) Jason Ross, Dabin, Dylan Matthew 03:35
Island (feat. Nevve) Seven Lions, Wooli, Trivecta, Nevve 04:38
Empty Oceans (feat. Matluck) Trivecta, Matluck 04:18
Every Time (feat. So Below) Seven Lions, So Below 05:42
Reason For Fighting (feat. ERV ELLO) Seven Lions, Blastoyz, ERV ELLO 03:58
Ocean (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn) Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Jonathan Mendelsohn 03:45
Night Rider Abraxis, Crystal Skies, Dimibo 05:06
Without You Kill The Noise, Seven Lions, Julia Ross 03:45
All You Need (feat. Fiora) Gem & Tauri, Fiora 05:01
Lights Out Blanke, RUNN 03:53
Calling You Home (feat. RUNN) Seven Lions, RUNN 04:44
Light Up The Sky (feat. Scott Stapp) Wooli, Trivecta, Scott Stapp 04:44
Freesol (feat. Skyler Stonestreet) (Blastoyz & Ranji Remix) Seven Lions, Skyler Stonestreet 04:16