Album picture of Thugylos Mansion Mixtape

Thugylos Mansion Mixtape

S2 Casted


Album Tracks

Versace (feat. Emilex) S2 Casted, Emilex 04:16
Thug Life (feat. Ty Dollar & G smart) S2 Casted, Ty Dollar, G Smart 04:05
Aye Mojuba (feat. T scope) S2 Casted, T Scope 03:04
Alaga Federal S2 Casted 03:03
Designer (feat. Oaq) S2 Casted, OAQ 03:04
Won Blow (feat. 1 Drop) (Radio Edit) S2 Casted, 1 Drop 03:40
Ijo Akuwama S2 Casted 02:46
Hustle (feat. Monkere & Jekinzo) S2 Casted, Monkere, Jekinzo 04:11
Basira (feat. G smart, Ty Dollar & Igs) S2 Casted, G Smart, Ty Dollar, IGS 03:08
High Me (feat. Simo & Just A Smile) S2 Casted, SIMO, Just A Smile 03:35
Khadija (feat. Asaveen) S2 Casted, Asaveen 03:06
Casted Love (feat. Primmy) S2 Casted, Primmy 03:47
Give it to me (feat. Simo) S2 Casted, SIMO 03:50
Alfa Oloja (feat. Sanjay) S2 Casted, Sanjay 03:07
Mad S2 Casted 03:36
Ikebe (feat. Owisky, Sency & Minzee Keys) S2 Casted, Owisky, Sency, Minzee Keys 03:05
Shaperly (feat. Don Rhymes) S2 Casted, Don Rhymes 03:13
Fame is Expensive (feat. Sanjay) S2 Casted, Sanjay 03:51
Masun (feat. sanjay) S2 Casted, Sanjay 03:30
Shoye (feat. Simmie Classic & Macsolo) S2 Casted, Simmie Classic, Macsolo 03:46

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