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Lounge Boat, Vol. 2

Various Artists


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Album Tracks

You Were the One (Original Mix) Lazy Hammock 04:14
Hate Is for Real Not Just for Cinema (Original Mix) The Invisionary 04:36
Te Quiero (Original Mix) Lounge Groove Avenue 04:06
Are You a Giver or Are You a Taker (Original Mix) Living Room 03:54
Tous Les Mots (Original Mix) Johannes Huppertz 05:07
I Am Showing Through (Original Mix) Florent Campana, Marilyne Justin 03:18
Fly My Love (Original Mix) Amadeur 09:51
Hotel (Original Mix) Giulia and The Dizzyness 04:00
Calling My Number (Original Mix) Aysy 09:04
Smile (Bossa Mix) Leo In The House 04:04
Playground (Original Mix) Krystian Shek 04:37
Surround Me with Your Love (Original Mix) Club Turquoise 03:31
Dream (Original Mix) Bessie Boni, Massimo Mantovani 04:25
Fast Train to Rio (Original Mix) Newton 04:18
Loft Fashion (Original Mix) Tony D. 07:03
Na Xamena (Bandoneon Mix) Daniele Soriani 03:20
Collection Samba (Original Mix) The Cabildos 03:43
I Have a Good Feeling About This (Original Mix) Pnfa 03:27
Deep River (Mirage of Deep Remix) Lemongrass, Jane Maximova 08:13
Free to Leave (Original Mix) Abraxas 05:01