Album picture of DJ Top, Vol. 4 (Extended Version)

DJ Top, Vol. 4 (Extended Version)

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Ignited (Extended Mix) Beethoven tbs, Florida, Joe Capalbo 06:57
New Sound for Peace (B Version) Glen Start 05:15
Superstar (Mattias Remix) C.B., Relight Orchestra, David Laudat 05:39
Overload (Extended Mix) DJ Paulus 06:00
Notturnia Simon&Gordon 07:23
Crash (Extended Mix) Wolf Deejay 05:22
New Sound DJ Elektrose 05:27
How to Dream Marco Carlucci 06:33
Leaving U (Matte Botteghi Remix) Kando, Sunn 05:00
Always You (Fabio Amoroso Remix) Fabio Considera, Adina 06:03
Peel the Tomato (Madness Extended Remix) Dj Khikko 04:18
Downtown (Beach House Mix) Airside Connection 03:48
Upside Down (Guitar Mix) EasyLoverz 04:03
I Want to Move It (Extended Mix) Joy Di Maggio 06:01
Supernova (Extended Mix) Immaca, Killer Diva 05:23
Number Killer Loops 04:22
Don't Let Me Go (Radio Extended Mix) Love Yourself Gang, Afrodite 04:02
Disco Schlampe (Extended Mix) Cotton Club 06:18
Music Goes On (Orchestral Mix) Paul V, Leizah 06:17
Smash the Drop Mike Got 04:56

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