Album picture of Total Freedom Miami 2020

Album Tracks

Manhattan (Extended Mix) Milk Bar, Santarini, Antonio Contino 05:09
Drunk On You (StoneBridge Extended Epic Mix) BETTY REED 05:59
They Know What Is What (WTF) (Extended Mix) Nuyorica, Rich Fayden 05:41
Dance All Night (Extended Mix) Barto, Andy Shade 04:30
Do You Have This Song (The Request) (Extended Mix) Trimtone 05:33
Westside FRZ 04:51
Pull Up! (Extended Mix) Jet Boot Jack, Rory Hoy 05:44
Locked Your Love (Milk Bar Remix) TRUEFIRE 05:14
Preach Me Justin Hobbs 06:06
Evolution (Extended Mix) Vito Trix, Cesare Caccia, BonnyRoy 05:25
Bansuri Milk Bar, Santarini 04:54
Snitch (Extended Mix) Frank–Lo, Jon Costa 05:14
Overturn IMarcus 06:47
Sexy (Extended Mix) Lsk 03:54
Vintage Dream Moral 04:23
Disco Night (Extended Mix) Milk Bar, Alex Zigro 06:01
Body Bounce Vitamin THC 05:22
Electronique Dr. Alex 06:13
ResuRection Alberto Remondini 06:46
Loose It TSTB 06:36

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